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Ben - Rehomed July 2016

Ben - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Introducing Ben, a Sable short coat entire Male

Ben is 18 months old. D.O.B 13/11/2014 and is microchipped and vaccinated.

He lives with a female terrier and is used to other dogs being around. Ben has to have time out from the resident dog as he does not know when to stop playing even when told off by the dog.

Ben lives with 3 cats, again due to his puppy ways he can be over boisterous with them, the cats know where to sleep away from him if they want to, he also lives with geese and chickens, and still hasn't learnt that they have sharp pointy beaks! He doesn't understand that they are not keen on playing.

Ben is used to children visiting from 2 weeks upwards, due to his inability to walk anywhere (he has to run), we would be looking at homing him with children 7 yrs and over and they would need to be dog savvy. This is only due to his boisterousness as he has a wonderful temperament. He loves everyone and thinks life is one big game and everything is a toy.

Ben is wonderful and most definitely not being rehomed lightly. The side of Ben that makes him who he is a cheeky mischievous naughty lovable puppy.

Ben will chew when left, he has not grown out of that stage, you leave it about and he will help himself. He will even watch you for a reaction to taking things he knows he shouldn't.

Ben does what lots of GSD's do. He can and will open doors. He will tip his water bowl before finishing the water, Ben has no road sense. Once out of the home environment Ben has typical selective hearing, he has no recall and will only listen if he wants to.

He pulls like a steam train, but once he realised one of the assessors wasn't an easy target to drag around and wouldn't let him play up, he walked lovely. So with the right handler and training he will soon learn the correct way to walk.

Ben is a very big lad and still has lots of filling out to do to reach maturity in both body and brain. But oh what a dog he will make.

Please only apply if you are experienced enough to take this boy to his full potential.

He is super smart needs both mental and physical stimulation. If you are prepared to work with this boy you are going to have a super companion at the end. Along the way you will have lots of fun he has a terrific character.

Please feel free to fill out our Adoption Form if you would like to register an interest in any of our dogs or donate via PayPay to help towards their upkeep.


Ben - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Ben - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Ben - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -


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