Central German Shepherd Rescue (CGSR)

Dogs In Our Care

All of the dogs in our care awaiting fostering or adoption are shown below.

Each of our dogs will be vet checked, micro-chipped and assessed.

We are proud of our reputation in the back up we provide to our dogs and their new family.

Please note: we do not have a rescue centre – the dogs which are awaiting adoption are looked after by our dedicated fosterers in their own homes.

If you'd like to adopt one of our dogs, please complete our adoption form or email info@cgsr.co.uk and we'll be very happy to arrange 'meets and greets' for appropriate dogs after the adoption process has been completed. We work very hard to ensure that the dogs are rehomed to their 'furever home' so will carry out suitability checks to ensure that the hoomans and dogs are compatible from the outset.


Updated 12th June 2024


Using the link below it is possible to donate via Paypal or other methods directly to Central German Shepherd Rescue and allow us to claim valuable Gift Aid.

We have carefully chosen our preferred financial partner due to the security, ease and backup it offers our generous supporters.


Interested in adopting or fostering one of our dogs ?

Visit our page which will explain all the details you need.

Each and every one of our dogs is checked by a vet, is assessed and micro chipped.

As a reputable rescue our volunteers strive to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard and in the strictest confidentiality to make sure that every dog in our care gets a loving home.

Without doubt adoption is the best thing that can happen to a dog in kennels, any dog, once your homecheck has successfully passed, you could soon have your new best friend staying with you and your family.

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Happy Homes

And that is, as they say, exactly what it says on the tin.

Here you can find some of the wonderful dogs that have come into Central German Shepherd Rescue and gone on to live a happy life in a new loving family.

Some of them have come through trauma, some have come through their owners personal circumstances but each and every one has gone to a HAPPY HOME

Happy Homes »

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