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Adoption Form

Congratulations -Your journey to give one of our dogs a loving home has started.

Please fill in this form as accurately as possible to avoid delays and one of our coordinators will get in touch shortly once your details have been processed.

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Fostering Form

Fostering - a valuable part of keeping a dog in home environment prior to moving into it's new home.

Fosterers are special people who allow our dogs to stay out of kennels and in their family. A lot of fosterers also go on to adopt the dogs they look after so be warned - your collection of four legged friends may grow !!

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At CGSR we understand that circumstances change through life and unfortunately there are times when people do have to let their dogs go to a new home.

Placing your dog into a rescue position means it will be able to have a much better home than the potential pitfalls of a "Free to Good Home" advert on a local selling site due to to the background checks we carry out.

Your application will be treated in the strictest confidence and with compassion - we may also find a way where with advice and training your dog may still stay with your family

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Rescues rely on volunteers across their normal covered area and beyond in order to function efficiently for the welfare and safety of the animals they cater for.

Central German Shepherd Rescue are no different and rely on their volunteers immensely. It is a fantastic way of meeting friends, having fun but more importantly SAVING lives, giving loving homes and putting safety and security to the wonderful German Shepherds we see each and every day.

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Our Dogs

All of our dogs available for adoption are shown on the following page with further information on them.

Each of our dogs will be vet checked, micro chipped and assessed. We are proud of our reputation in the back up we provide to our dogs and their new family.

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A range of our high quality branded clothing alongside other unique pieces of clothing guaranteed to draw attention to yourself.

Providing excellent durability and fashion for all seasons these are must have items.

We intend to extend our range frequently so why not visit our shop regularly to see what we have on offer

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Using the link below it is possible to donate via Paypal or other methods directly to Central German Shepherd Rescue and allow us to claim valuable Gift Aid.

We have carefully chosen our preferred financial partner due to the security, ease and backup it offers our generous supporters.

Gift Aid Declaration

As a registered charity we are able to reclaim 25p in every pound donated.

As you can imagine this is a worthwhile benefit in providing care and support for the dogs which need us.

The details required are very limited and is seperate to the actual donating portal which is held on a secure and seperate site designed specificly for GIFT AID transactions.

The details given on this simple form help us to comply with HMRC regulations.

Thank you.



Interested in adopting or fostering one of our dogs ?

Visit our page which will explain all the details you need.

Each and every one of our dogs is checked by a vet, is assessed and micro chipped.

As a reputable rescue our volunteers strive to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard and in the strictest confidentiality to make sure that every dog in our care gets a loving home.

Without doubt adoption is the best thing that can happen to a dog in kennels, any dog, once your homecheck has successfully passed, you could soon have your new best friend staying with you and your family.

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Working with us at CGSR

Why not join our band of volunteers, we have social events, fun at awareness and fundraising days, and above all, have a common cause which is the wonderful German Shepherd.

It does not matter where you live, if you drive, even if you have a dog - there are many ways you can help so please look at our volunteering page and help save a life.

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Happy Homes

And that is, as they say, exactly what it says on the tin.

Here you can find some of the wonderful dogs that have come into Central German Shepherd Rescue and gone on to live a happy life in a new loving family.

Some of them have come through trauma, some have come through their owners personal circumstances but each and every one has gone to a HAPPY HOME

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