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Rhagar - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Introducing Rhagar.

Rhagar is a handsome 18 month old German Shepherd, who finds himself looking for a new home as his mum has to relocate and she is unable to take him.

He has oodles of character, sits and will give a paw for a treat, will jump up for interaction but given that he is a big chunky boy he is a very gentle giant.

Rhagar lives in the house at a stables and when out walking in the fields he does run to the fence and bark at the horses but will stop when told. These horses know him so this would have to be watched with horses that didn't know him.

Rhagar does live with another german shepherd and he does all that puppy play with her, but is respectful of her if she tells him enough is enough. When he was younger he did use to mix with the cat and was a bit full on so the cat scratched him a few times so he is now more respectful.

Typically he will chase if the cat runs, will also chase the rabbits across the fields, he once caught one and just carried it in his mouth until he was told to put it down.

Because Rhagar lives on such a big property he does not get out and about to meet other dogs, If they come to the stables with their owners he will bark from the house so he will benefit from some socialisation out in the world.

Rhagar is ok with traffic if he can see it coming, but is unsure traffic coming up behind him and is used to someone about and popping in during the day as his owner works in the stables.

He has chewed but not in the last 6 months. He used to get travel sick now he just drools. Rhagar could be easily influenced by another dog and led astray with unwanted behaviour.

Rhagar tolerates a bath but loves the grooming and all the interaction. In his current home Rhagar has learnt not to go upstairs even though there is nothing across the stairs to stop him.

Rhagar already knows sit, paw ,leave it, down wait and nicely he is an intelligent boy and loves a treat so teaching him more will be fun.

Due to his size and still much of a big bouncy puppy he will be better suited to older children as he may knock little ones over, he is microchipped vaccinated, not castrated yet as he is only just 18 months old.


We don't expect that he will be waiting very long so don't hesitate and get them adoption forms filled in !

Please feel free to fill out our Adoption Form if you would like to register an interest in any of our dogs or donate via PayPay to help towards their upkeep.


Rhagar - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Rhagar - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -

Rhagar - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue = -


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