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George - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue


Born sept 2016

18kg when he came in, now 34kg

He's dog friendly, cat friendly (as long as they stand their ground), children tolerant (as long as they don't bother him too much).

He does suffer from separation anxiety - he will chew anything if shut in when left, if left with the whole house to access, he is content. He's being crate trained.

George currently does hydrotherapy monthly to continue building his core strength & muscle tone.

He may possibly have issues with his internal organs due to the neglect & malnutrition. Nothing seen so far and he is holding weight between 33kg & 35kg.

We would prefer him to stay local to us so we can continue to monitor his health.

He is smart, cheeky, playful & extremely naughty. He loves the paddling pool & toys are his world.

George is quite nervous & barky at people entering his home. He needs visitors to ignore him & he'll work it out for himself.

He's a total foody now and training is a doddle.

George will need to meet his new family on several occasions prior to adoption.

And ..... expect tears from all his foster family.

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George - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue

George - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue


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Happy Homes

And that is, as they say, exactly what it says on the tin.

Here you can find some of the wonderful dogs that have come into Central German Shepherd Rescue and gone on to live a happy life in a new loving family.

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