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Luna - currently looking for adoption with Central German Shepherd Rescue


Luna is a 10 month old working line GSD who is vaccinated, wormed and chipped. She is very active and drivy, but has very good manners, and learns very quickly. She settled very well into her foster home, living with 3 GSD's and a cat. She has established herself in the pack and invests a lot of her energy in trying to manage the dogs. She is a dominant female who after being separated from the boys will try and round them up, and reestablish herself as an important figure.

She is happy to be kennelled and crated, and understands waiting on place.

She is a sweetheart too, and wants to lay at the foster family's feet when nothing else is happening. She will wait at the bottom of the stairs, under the table at mealtimes, or outside the shower just to be near them. She will eat anything you offer her and loves her carrot treats. She is very easy to handle and enjoys being groomed. She was a star when having her nails clipped. Currently she is learning to have her teeth cleaned, which she eagerly awaits her turn, but at the moment would rather chew the brush.

She pulls initially when out for a walk but does settle well. She has a nice fast recall but due to social isolation has not met any other dogs. She is unpredictable when meeting strangers and sometimes is unsure and barks at them, other times ignores them. When she has spent time with people she does settle and is affectionate trying to get them to fuss her. This needs some work when the social distancing rules are relaxed.

She will require an experienced home where they will need to be consistent so she can learn how she must behave and then I am sure she wont disappoint.

She needs a lot of training regarding meeting new people, when it is possible to do so.

Luna will not be placed with another bitch due to her dominance.

Ok with dogs & cats, but no small children.

Luna will go out on a neutering contract.

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Luna - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue

Luna - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue

Luna - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue

Luna - patiently waiting for adoption through Central German Shepherd Rescue


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