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Taz - rehomed August 2015

Taz - Central German Shepherd Rescue

Taz is approximately 18 month old. He is castrated, flead and wormed.

Taz went into foster while recovering from castration. He loves attention, loves to be fussed, very inquisitive in the house, likes to follow you around being nosy, food was left on the table within his reach and he just followed back to the kitchen.

He would look at the plate but once told no he would lay down and not bother.

Taz behaved in the garden on a long line, but when out of the the home went back to being the head strong lad on a lead. Time, persistent training and getting him used to a walking aid (head collar) will work with this boy, he is intelligent.

He would be better suited to a home with no small furies or cats. He did walk past rabbits and after a few days would ignore them but on the odd occasion would have a pop and have to be reminded. He wanted to chase cats, something to be aware of when walking him.

He will sit, gives both paws, is learning down, very treat orientated. House trained. Taz will cry when he needs the toilet and will also go to the door, if you ignore that he cries and fidget.

Taz was well behaved when visitors came to the house. He could be placed with children over the age of 9 or 10 but would be too bouncy with younger children.

Taz deserves a special home after being abandoned and was on PTS day when CGSR found him a space. Taz wants an owner that is prepared to put in the time and effort to get the reward at the end.

A big soppy puppy, who with an experienced handler will be a super and very loyal boy.

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Taz - Central German Shepherd Rescue

Taz - Central German Shepherd Rescue

Taz - Central German Shepherd Rescue


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