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Fostering For CGSR

Why Foster

Fostering a dog is just one way that you can benefit the life of an unwanted or abandoned pet.

Rescues and council pounds would like to save every homeless pet, but this impossible due to space or special care the dog may need, there is also the costs involved with this.

Dogs that would be put to sleep due to restrictions or space available can be saved by caring people, who readily open their hearts and homes to rescue these special animals.

The vast majority of these dogs were once in loving homes but for some reason find themselves homeless, very scared and alone, wondering what they have done. This is very stressful for them suddenly being in a strange place, with strange surrounding and people they do not know.

Stress in these circumstances can be seen in different ways, some may have a complete personality change from a loving dog into a dog that can show aggression, shutting down or self mutilation.

Foster homes can help these poor dogs which cannot cope with kennel stress or other needs which they may have by providing them with the love and care which they may need.

Some may be young dogs who need training or learning how to behave in a home, others may be whelping bitches which need more help or a quiet place, or they could be elderly dogs that just need somewhere warm and quite.

To a dog a foster home is not a halfway house - it's a first class home.

For further information please click HERE to get to our adoption and fostering form.

Our Dogs

All of our dogs available for adoption are shown on the following page with further information on them.

Each of our dogs will be vet checked, micro chipped and assessed. We are proud of our reputation in the back up we provide to our dogs and their new family.

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Providing excellent durability and fashion for all seasons these are must have items.

We intend to extend our range frequently so why not visit our shop regularly to see what we have on offer

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CGSR welcomes all donations of which 100% goes into assisting the dogs.

If you would like to assist in donating for our dogs please click the link below.

Thank You


Interested in adopting or fostering one of our dogs ?

Visit our page which will explain all the details you need. Each and every one of our dogs is checked by a vet, is assessed and micro chipped. As a reputable rescue our volunteers strive to ensure that everything is done to the highest standard and in the strictest confidentiality to make sure that every dog in our care gets a loving home.

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Working with us at CGSR

Why not join our band of volunteers, we have social events, fun at awareness and fundraising days, and above all, have a common cause which is the wonderful German Shepherd.

It does not matter where you live, if you drive, even if you have a dog - there are many ways you can help so please look at our volunteering page and help save a life.

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Happy Homes

And that is, as they say, exactly what it says on the tin.

Here you can find some of the wonderful dogs that have come into Central German Shepherd Rescue and gone on to live a happy life in a new loving family.

Some of them have come through trauma, some have come through their owners personal circumstances but each and every one has gone to a HAPPY HOME

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