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Helping Hands - Oakley & Sid

Is there anyone out there who could take on two very precious dogs as a long term foster?

Dear Beverley I'm writing this to see if the wonderful Dogs Today family can help with a truly heartbreaking situation and I would really appreciate your help and advice.

My very good friend Caroline has a 6 year old long haired gentle giant long coat German Shepherd called Oakley and his bonkers 4 year old Italian Spinone brother Sid .

Caroline was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer 3 weeks ago and is undergoing chemotherapy . It's going to be a long haul for her and sadly she has had to put the boys in kennels as she is unable to care from them and her family are not in a position to look after them for her.

She really does not want to rehome them ( it would break her heart ! ) but they can't stay in kennels indefinitely, it's not fair on them .

We are appealing for someone to take the boys together as they've never been apart , for a long term foster.

This is a truly desperate situation and very distressing . The dogs are well mannered , loving , obedient and affectionate, and good with dogs, cats and people of all ages. Sid can be a little boisterous , we call him the village idiot !! Oakley is a gentleman .

Caroline is happy to go public with this if it helps her boys . This is a big ask but we think they should be together as Sid is so attached to Oaks .

Many thanks for taking the time to read this long rambling message, kindest regards, Karen

Some more info:
Caroline is in Berkshire
Both dogs are neutered

I asked about prognosis and more details...
"Caroline was told her cancer is the curable Hodgkin's lymphoma . She's been told 4 rounds of chemo then more tests . She has second round tomorrow , with chemo at fortnightly intervals . She is an athletics coach with strong positive attitude so is up for the fight and was fit and well prior to this . The dogs are insured. She wants what is best for her dogs." "The dogs are fed skinners from Amazon and cost £30 per month we think 6 months is the time frame we are looking at and Caroline is happy to pay.

The dogs are fully vaccinated. She will only want to visit if she is well enough as she would find it too upsetting"

Please feel free to make initial contact through Dogs Monthly if you would like to register a genuine interest indicating you heard of Oakley and Sids plight through Central German Shepherd Rescue

Please note - CGSR will be acting purely as a shared information site on this and cannot be held responsible for any further actions



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